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We specialise in extracting mineral resources and refining industrial waste to create a marketable product. We also tailor our recipes for raw material mixtures to be used in construction. Additionally, we test the characteristics of our products through research and analysis – both in the lab, as well as on an industrial scale. Our products meet the requirements set forth in the European Technical Assessment (ETA) standard, as well as in the Polish National Technical Assessment standard (KOT).


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ReMineral conducts business activities in the domain of designing innovative technologies related to the management of mineral resources. Our know-how includes effective extraction methods, as well as the knowledge of how to modify, refine and treat mineral resources. Moreover, we are actively engaged in the legislation and certification of waste materials recycled into secondary raw materials.

Innovative Technology

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ReMineral conducts various research and development activities. Our well-educated staff has rich experience in the domain of research and development projects, as well as in laboratory-industrial research and analysis of mineral resources. We provide comprehensive advice and support in the field of resource management. Moreover, the results of our research and development projects are later incorporated into our own business operations.

R&D Activities


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