It is through the design and implementation of innovative solutions and technologies that ReMineral executes strategies to introduce a low-emission and resource-efficient economy, looking forward to a future where economic growth will become separate from the use of mineral resources – by virtue of replacing them with secondary raw materials. Designing technologies and installations to recycle valuable materials from post-industrial waste is a course of action that directly observes the recommendations regarding circular economy and supports environment and climate protection systems by reducing the amount of used mineral resources and lowering the level of energy consumption, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions in production processes (e.g. in construction material creation).


The strategic goal of ReMineral is to create innovative technologies and installations to treat waste produced both by the commercial power industry exploiting fossil fuels, as well as that of the mining-metallurgical complex. The side products of combustion, as well as waste products of steel or non-ferrous metals production, if treated properly and activated, can become a high-value component of construction materials. Moreover, they can also become part of innovative, low-emission composites.


Application of secondary raw materials in the process of construction materials production, by replacing mineral resources and energy-consuming Portland cement clinker, is a factor that significantly contributes to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions – one of those gasses is carbon dioxide, otherwise known as CO2.


The staff at ReMineral has already executed several big and innovative projects financed by European Union funds. We have the expertise and we are aware of how to obtain such funds. Additionally, we know how to collaborate on big projects within the framework of a project consortium.

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