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ReMineral Sp. z o.o.

ReMineral specialises in the field of, broadly understood, resource management. We specialise in extracting post-industrial waste resources. Using innovative and effective treatment methods, these materials are then recycled, which allows them to re-enter the market once again.


All our products meet all the necessary requirements and possess quality assurance certificates and technical clearances. Moreover, we are also certified according to the national and European technical assessment certificates (KOT, ETA).


The quality control of properties and physico-chemical parameters is conducted in accredited testing institutions.


The offer of the company includes:


  • silica fly ash

  • calcareous fly ash

  • granulated blast furnace slag

  • ferro-bearing materials


ReMineral also takes care of logistics and transport of the materials (by rail and by truck), which is an inseparable activity accompanying the use of mineral resources.